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The Popemobile, one of the Prototipos (2), is the central focus of a series of photographs exhibited as a slide show. In a rapidly changing neighbourhood in Barcelona, the model of the vehicle is placed in the road: pedestrians walk by without stopping, some slowing to look, intrigued, others posing for a photograph.
The Pope, the procession’s figurehead, is absent, as are the emotional crowds, but the sculpture, now a device for the generation of images, produces an almost interactive effect. It evokes for us a scene in which a hidden camera watches the reactions of passers-by, or portraits of anonymous members of the public photographed standing by a celebrity in the street. Thus placed within the common space, to stand the test of reality, the prototype stimulates new projections of the imagination.
master HD CAM from digital photographs
prints of 5 copies and 1 AP.

Photography: Jordi Colomer
Assisted by: Sergi Olivares
Editing and video post-production: Adolf Alcañiz (Barcelona)
Production: Jeu de Paume (Paris), Maravills (Barcelona)


  Papamovil. Jeu de Paume. Paris 2008