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ALFABET (2000)

On a projection screen, like an animated blackboard, Alfabet’s profile pronounces a discourse spitting out hundreds of objects at high speed. Simultaneously and in a double voice, Alfabet recites an extract from “La Vie mode d’emploi” by Georges Perec, describing the objects strewn around an apartment on the morning after a party.

Image and sound coincide in the articulation and the rhythm, but the word does not correspond with the drawn object. Alfabet is nostalgic for a primordial form of speech in which word and object are one, and he is an admirer of Jean-Pierre Brisset’s logic grammar.


Video and projection room
Animation Flash
1 min.
Edited in loop
Edition of 3 ex. and 1 AP

Image: Jordi Colomer
Sound: Happydays and L'Atelier son de la Villa Arson (Nice)
Image post-production: Video-Lab
Produced by: Maravills (Barcelona)
Acknowledgements: Fabrice Gallis