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Inside a theatre, two twin sisters live in the space separating the stalls from the stage. In front of huge mirrors, they dress and undress as they try on all the costumes stored backstage. Meanwhile, the audience starts to enter the theatre and takes their seats, awaiting for the performance to begin. When the spectators suddenly disappear, one of the twins gathers the clothes they have left behind on the seats in the stalls.

A lateral tracking shot, presented in a double projection with a sixsecond lapse between the two identical images, placed one in front of the other like two de-synchronised mirrors.

Video and projection room
Master en DV-CAM
Double projection
4 min. 20
Edited in loop
Edition of 3 ex. and 1 AP

The twins: Eve and Sandra Neumuller
Dir. of photography: Marcos Pasquin
Assistant director: David Garboud
Stage Manager: Alexandra Filiatreau
Set Construction: Bernard Hermelle, Cosmin Samoya, Regis Leuvrey,
David Sauval
Costume design: Lydia Robin, Colinne Grossjean, Noemi Privat
Key grip: José Maria Balagué
VTR: Thierry Braeti
Post-production: La Truka
Sound: Happydays
Extras: Saâdane Afif, Virginie Barré, Laurence Gateau,
Bruno Peinado
Produced by: Villa Arson (Nice) / Maravills (Barcelona)
Acknowledgements: Agnès B., Fabrice Gallis, David, Laurent Barnavon