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A young couple drives through the night in a gold car. Seeing a large billboard announcing “Fuegogratis” [free fire], they head towards a huge fire which, like a shopping centre eternally in flames, a cornucopia in the middle of nowhere, produces valuable items: a bed, a fridge, a table, a washing machine, etc, all of them made in cardboard. With the car packed full, our young heroes return to their journey into darkness…

Fuegogratis was filmed in panoramic format, on Saint John’s night in 2002. On that date, and up until the 1970s, to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice, large bonfires of old furniture and objects were built on the streets of Barcelona, like improvised ephemeral sculptures, which were then burnt at nightfall. A purifying ritual with pagan origins in which everybody used to take part.

The cardboard objects and furniture in Fuegogratis come from the apartments of the earlier video Le Dortoir. Obsolete after the previous shooting, they enjoyed a second life in front of the camera before their definitive demise among the flames.

All the fire scenes in Fuegogratis were performed and shot in reverse order, from the end backwards and vice versa.


Fuegogratis. La Galerie de Noisy le sec, Noisy le sec, 2002
Video and projection room
Master Betacam digital
5 min.
Edited in loop
Edition of 3 ex. and 1 AP

The couple, she: Marieta Orozco
The couple, him: Juan Marquez
Dir. of photography: Antonio Cortés
Assistant director and production: Bernardo Porraz
Goldenshower design: Jordi Encinas
Fire: Efectes Linuesa
Set graphic design: Daniel Perrier
Set construction: Barry Paulson, Jordi Encinas, Cesar Merino
Costume design: Alexandra Filiatreau
Still photography: Marc Viaplana (Ramone)
Stage Manager: Cesar Merino
2nd camera operator: Silvya Bayarri
Steadycam operator: Axel Marin
Steadycam assistant: Mercè Boussy
Electricians: Joaquim Dalmau, Pau Font
Make-up: Tatiana Thaurin
Catering: Walter Friedrich
Video post-production: In- Audiovisuals
Audio production: Arte y Ruido
Audio design: Nono Ruiz
Sound effects: July Ortiz
Music: Dreamall Orquesta
Registered at: Alts Forns
Arrangements: Eduardo Olivé
Acknowledgements: Quico Rivas, Lola, I Els 3 Bombers De Guissona
Produced by: La Galerie (Noisy-Le-Sec) / Maravills (Barcelona)