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Hanging from a cornice, a girl in pyjamas makes her way along the outside façade of a pretty tall building. She embodies the modern heroine, dangerously confronted to the city. In the background, the image of the metropolis changes at great speed, like yet another character with multiple faces, an accelerated echo of Malevitch’s architektons and Hans Richter’s animations.
 Everything happens in a looped shot which is apparently identical on the two double projection screens. However, in one of them, after great effort the girl finally manages to climb inside the room; on the opposite screen, the same girl fails and falls into space.


The cities. IAC-Nouveau Musée, FRAC Rhone-Alpes. Villeurbanne 2004
Double projection
Master DV-CAM
2 min.
Edited in loop
Edition of 3 ex. and 1 AP

Performed by: Adeline Dini
In collaboration with the students at the ENBA (Lyon): Ana-Maria Gomes, Anne Kawala, Samuel Kurzawski, Agathe Notteghem, Joëlle Perin, Mitsuo Sasaki, Sandra Tavernier, Isaure Vidalin, Adeline Dini.
Sound: Give me Sound
Post-production video: Tracking (Madrid)
Co-produced by: ENBA (École Nationale des Beaux Arts, Lyon), Le Grand Café, (Saint-Nazaire), Maravills (Barcelona)
Acknowledgements: Frederique Namiand, Nono i July, César Almodóvar