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Únete! JOIN US!

 Spanish Pavilion 57 Venice Biennale
Jordi Colomer. Curator: Manuel Segade

¡Únete! Join Us! 
invites visitors to become participants in an exploration of nomadism and collective agency.
Transhumance, wanderings, journeyings, strayings, displacement: these themes are key to the exhibition, whose reference point is rooted in urban utopias that use movement as part of a radical rethinking of social imagination.

“The imperative mode in ¡Únete! Join us!, addressed to each individual person, is not simply an appeal but truly expects something from the viewer. This bid for allegiance, in the hope that visitors decide to take part, goes beyond the decision to enter the exhibition hall: it is a relational expectation," notes curator Manuel Segade.

Marking a return to his early sculptural and theatrical interest, Jordi Colomer’s exhibition at the Pavilion of Spain is conceived as an installation of installations. Precarious sculptures and transitory architectures form a theatre within the pavilion, encompassing its audience as they walk through the space and turning them into actors, mobilising the space with their presence. The installations offer a path via several video narratives; a journey of occasions, unexpected encounters, playful improvisations and collective gestures that reveal how a community turns an urban landscape into a potential site for exchange, capable of affecting reality.

“A contemporary urban landscape represents displacement and various themes involving movement—political, social and physical—while also moving between the public and the personal,” says Segade.

The fictional premise in the video pieces is a group of people moving across different sites and guided by three women: the actress Laura Weissmahr, the writer and singer Lydia Lunch and the dancer Anita Deb. Their continuous migration unfold semantics of displacement: decidedly low-resource settings reflect on the uncertainty and ambivalence of a mobile, unstable, border-crossing citizenry. Colomer states: “There’s a certain meaning of the term stage scenery as a provisional architecture that is portable, of open-use, capable of being interacted with. My characters act within the city in that sense."

Halfway between a portable pavilion and a wanderer’s wagon, a moveable contraption connects the spaces in the itinerary conjuring a Kafkaesque Babel where nomadic motion is also linguistic commotion, a vernacular displacement inflecting and translating a de-territorialized community’s activities.

!Únete! Join Us!

Texts (english):

The Coming Citizenry

Manuel Segade


Architecture and Its Double

Bruce Bégout


Construction Without End

Manuel Cirauqui


Little Magazines:

Portable Utopia

Beatriz Colomina


Apparitions Theatre

Andrea Valdés


Jumping over walls

A conversation between

Francesco Careri and Jordi Colomer

Join Us!

318 pags. 
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Graphic design

Bureau Alex Gifreu

Con la participación de /


Ana Deb Rani

Lydia Lunch

Laura Weissmahr


Daniel & Lily Anderson

Rian Archer

Rian Archer

Sarah Bandy

Nick Barret

Pat Boyer

Nina Camp

Tyler Coburn

Rebekah Cope

Jacob Davis

Tom Dowling

Ron Gallo

Lauren Gilbert

Derrik Jefferally

Ryan Jennings

Dixie Johnson

Skye Kaericher

Chloe Katerndahl

Ace S Lawrence

Rache Magdal

Paul Morse

Corey Parsons

Kayla Brooke Powel

Jakson Quiggins

Noel Richards

Luke Schneider

Rosalyn & Myah & Dean Sowell

Nichdas Swafford

Shaylee Walsh

Diana Lee Zadlo

Viladamat, Sitges, Barcelona

Fernando Acosta

Feliz Alcalà

Xavier Almar

Raquel Aloma

Dani Armengol

Roger Badia

Marta Barretina

Joel Barrocal

Lina Bause

Ferran Bell

David Borotau

Adrià Botella

Albert Bret Quero

Felisa Cabas

Daniel Cardone

Francisco Casado

Albert Casas

Anna Castell

Valentina Colomer

Gumersindo Cornejo

Yuri Cortés

Irene De Andrés

Sebastián Díaz

Joshua Duliah

Dionis Escorça

Eric Fuenmayor

Juan David Galindo

Yolanda García

Nube García

Antoni García

Joan Gener

Elsy Guimerà

Mireia Hurtado

Andrés Hurtado

Carmen Hyland

Rosa Ibañez

Abel Leiva Sarubbi

Deng Liwen

Gemma Llorés

Sergi López

Lina López

Carlos Lucín

Patricia Maeser

Penélope Maldonado

Camille Marie

Pedro Marqués

Paula Miranda

Alex Montero

Javier Morales

Silvia Moreno

Génesis Nieto

Familia Niqueleti

Arnau Pascual

Laiane Pereira

Ferran Pérez

Alba Pérez

Eduardo Picazo

Lluis Planas

Alexandra Pont

Marga Porcelas

Irene Punset

Joan Recasens

Gerard Riera

Francisco Ripoll

Tanit Rodríguez

Aura Roldán

Francesc Ruiz

Mohammed Saar

Paulina Saramillo

Marc Serrarroca

Josep Soler

Horacio Sosa

Ször Syonn

Rosa Tharrats

Rafael Turú

Naïma Underwood

Aldo Urbano

Gabriel Ventura

Joan Viscasillas

Gemma Viscasillas

Fernando Xiberta

Xisi Sofía Yechen

Atenas / Athens

Patrikio Annoc

Saliagkodoulou Chrysanthi



¡Únete! Join Us!



An installation by Jordi Colomer

Curator: Manuel Segade

Organizada por

Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores

y de Cooperación. Agencia Española

de Cooperación Internacional para

el Desarrollo (AECID)

Organised by

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and

Cooperation. Spanish Agency

for International Development

Cooperation (AECID)

Con la colaboración de

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

With the collaboration of

Spain’s Public Agency for Cultural

Action (AC/E)

Coordinación pabellón español /

Coordination Spanish Pavilion

Alejandro Romero

Álvaro Callejo

Pedro Vasconi

Coordinación AC/E /

Coordination AC/E

Anael García

Producción artística / Artistic production

Carolina Olivares

(CO producciones)

Asistentes del artista / Artist assistants

Albert García Alzorriz

Víctor Ruiz Colomer

Asistente comisariado / Assistant curator

Violeta Janeiro

Dirección de fotografía /

Director of photography

Julien Perrin

Marcell Erdélyi

Auxiliares de cámara / Camera Assistants

Adrià Botella

Zak Ramis

Nyk Allen

Sonido / Sound

Adrià Martí Comas

Asistente de sonido / Sound assistant

Roger Cuixart

Asistente de estudio / Studio assistant

Sagi Szabolcs

Vestuario / Costume

Rosa Tharrats

Asistente de vestuario / Costume assistant

Penélope Maldonado

Construcción de decorados /

Set construction

Paula Miranda

Joan Viscasillas

Serigrafía / Silkscreen

Sebastián Díaz

Herrero / Metal construction

Gustavo Bernabé

Construcción aluminio /

Aluminium construction

Jorge García

Transfer vídeo / Transfer video

Tomás Muñoz

Mariona Boada

Conductor / Driver

Seth Murray

Foto fija / Still photographers

Javier Almar

Aggelos Mihas

Álvaro Valdecantos

William Keihn

Fotógrafo instalación pabellón /

Photographer, pavilion installation

Claudio Franzini

Montaje vídeo / Editing

Jordi Colomer

Julien Perrin

Editor y montaje de sonido /

Sound editor and sound mixing

Bruno Ehlinger

Retoque de color /

Digital colour grading artist

Catherine Libert

Post-producción / Post-production

Anna Sanders

BUZZ Management (Paris)

Jean-Philippe Badoui

Directora de producción /

Director of production

Carolina Olivares

Asistente de producción /

Production assistant

Albert Kuhn

Producción Nashville /

Nashville production

Oscar Boyson

Elise Tyler

Asistidos por /assisted by Ally Brown,

Alexandra Nelsen

Asistente de atrezzo / Props assistant

Garland Gallaspy

Producción Atenas / Athens production

Maria Karagiannaki

Catherine Libert

Montaje expositivo / Exhibition set up

DUPLA (Paula Miranda,

Joan Viscasillas)

Kers Costruzioni

Equipos audiovisuales /

Video and Audio equipment

Pro Av Saarikko Oy

Gráfica / Graphic design

Bureau Alex Gifreu

Transporte / Transport

CLM Logistics

Prensa y comunicación /

Press and communication

Pickles PR

¡Únete! Join Us! by Jordi Colomer Venice Biennale 2017 from jordi colomer on Vimeo.



¡únete! Join Us! Spanish Pavilion biennale venezia 2017 installation from jordi colomer on Vimeo.

¡únete! Join Us! Spanish Pavilion biennale venezia 2017
Installation by: Jordi COLOMER. Curator: Manuel SEGADE
produced by AECID, with collaboration: AC/E
Artistic production: COproducciones