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jordi colomer /The Istanbul Map.

Some - like Anita Tocopilla's character here - have the habit of visiting the roofs of every city, as though they were performing an act of recognition. Seen from the tops, Istanbul's landscape is neither more legible nor less opaque than any other metropolis'. But Istanbul is called here to play the role of that other generic character, the City, partially hidden under a dramatic fog that erases its skyline. The figure climbing up the roofs to scrutinize the urban geometry confronts her panoramic vision with an object that could stand as the latter's contrary: the map. It's a silent scene, and we will never truly know if her questions - turning little by little into oaths - address the map, or the city, or that odd relationship linking one another by means of a correspondence. The city is not an image and maps betray experience, yet each one of us is free to lend words and reasons to the furious heroine's monologue. In silence, her plea gives rise to other questions: Is it possible to talk to a city? Where from?

Pablo Siracusa
Digital photography video animation
Master HD
2’39’’ loop

Performed by: Anita Tocopilla
Executive producer: CO producciones
Production assistant: Ali Kayaalp
Video editor and post-producer: Adolf Alcanyiz
Produced by: Co-producciones (Barcelona)
With the collaboration of: Akbank Art Center Istanbul
Aknowledgments: Claire Le Restif, Nagehan Uskan, Ali Akay, Franco La Cecla

The Istanbul Map. Akbank Sanat Art Center, Istanbul 2010