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The first Italian retrospective with the most famous works of the Spanish artist Jordi Colomer and a new performative action MODENA PARADE/ CORTEO MODENESE conceived by Colomer for the occasion.


The Strade exhibition brings together works created over the last twenty years such as New Palermo Felicissima, Anarchitekton, Crier sur les toits or the Pozo Almonte series of photographs. The selection creates a close dialogue with the collective action MODENA PARADE / CORTEO MODENESE

that will cross the city of Modena, from the San Cataldo cemetery, an iconic work by Aldo Rossi, to the Palazzina dei Giardini, the venue for the exhibition, involving citizens in a cathartic recovery of the experience of social space, in the midst of the difficult way out of the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic.


The project suggests that the procession is a symbolic form that runs through different times and cultures, and as such constitutes a tradition that contains the possibility of being renewed in a contemporary key. Based on situations between the ordinary and the extraordinary in the “terrains vagues” of public space, Colomer materializes a fiction that bursts into reality, altering it. Unauthorized crossings, extravagant gestures, sui generis processions: each work by Colomer constitutes an implicitly political artistic act, because any unprogrammed and undirected action in the public sphere is the seed of a potential radical rethinking of the social dimension.



Jordi Colomer. Strade.

Palazzina dei Giardini, from March 4 to May 8, 2022. FMAV. Modena.(Italy)

curated by Daniele De Luigi.


action conceived by Jordi Colomer, curated by Daniele De Luigi and Federica Rocchi with the Amigdala collective.

With the collaboration of the Embassy of Spain in Italy. Ramon Llull Foundation. MACBA (Barcelona)



From February 18 to 20, Colomer is also a visiting professor at the FMAV Scuola Speciale, with a workshop on performative and participatory practices in urban spaces.

jordi colomer corteo modenese modena parade