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16.06.2018- 04.11.2018
Istituto Padre Messina
Caletta Sant Erasmo
Palermo, (Sicily)



 Palermo is an exemplary case in the way rich and active forms of street life are empowered in Mediterranean cities. Today this capacity of public space to accommodate inclusive urban scenes is being challenged by tourism, redevelopment and public policing. Jordi Colomer presents here, New Palermo Felicissima, a new work commissioned by Manifesta12, based on his encounter with a specific part of the city: Porticciolo Sant’ Erasmo. Placed at the back side of Palermo’s historical center, in an unseemingly proximity to it, Porticciolo Sant’Erasmo comprises an amalgam of old buildings, partially abandoned historical remains, along with informal constructions, housing compounds, a small beach, infrastructures, a breakwater and a dock for small ships. A place from which it is possible to look towards Palermo’s southern periphery, a part of the city’s coast that for many years has been ecologically neglected, unsung by public authorities and omitted in tourist guides. Porticciolo Sant’ Erasmo is yet the center of a small community of fishermen, that for generations have inhabited the place and that currently face announced evolutions of this part of the city that would jeopardize the future of their activities. 

 New Palermo Felicissima, results of Colomer’s collaboration with students from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Palermo, the fishermen community of Sant’ Erasmo and La Cala. It is composed of a video installation that shows the journey through Palermo’s South Coast of a transformed fishing boat. The transformation of the boat renders it an ambiguous object, a hybrid of a tourist ship, an observatory and a discussion parlor. Actress Laura Weissmahr, admits her lack of insight on Palermo’s territories, as a text by the Palermitan writer Roberto Alajmo is transmitted to her from a distant location. A constellation of boats accompanies the transformed boat, as a secular version of the annual procession of Santa Rosalia, patron and protector of Palermo. As an alternative heterogeneous Palermitan society, this group of boats and people visit a number of "monuments", as Robert Smithson would refer to found locations recalling past presences and entropy (such as the famous Restaurant « L’approdo da Renato », closed thirty years ago now, the Auto-Salone Zeus and the soccer court « Mondo Jeans », where flowers grow in-between the remaining debris discharged on the site during the so called "sacco di Palermo"), that constitute,not without humour, the focus of this procession as an alternative way to envisioning and relating to Palermo.

New Palermo Felicissima. Jordi Colomer, 2018. Installation view at Istituto Padre Messina, Manifesta 12. Palermo.

New Palermo Felicissima. Jordi Colomer, 2018. Installation view at Istituto Padre Messina, Manifesta 12. Palermo.





video 21 min, 16:9, loop, Stereo, master 4K.

In collaboration with the students of Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia (Sede Sicilia):

Benedetta Valabrega, Marta Violante, Alessandro Drudi, Basilio Maritano.


Text by: 

Roberto Alajmo



The Guide: 

Laura Weissmahr



Voice Over: 

Lorella Aiosa


Fisherman´s from Porticciolo Sant Erasmo, and La Cala (Palermo):

Salvatore Buscemi 

Giuseppe Menza 

Antonino Morana 

Giuseppe Romeo 

Salvatore Parise 

Salvatore Sinagra

Antonino Sinagra 

Antonino Tarantino 

Rosario Tarantino 

Francesco Tinnirello 




Alessandra Cascio

Alessandro Quartararo

Ambra Manisalo

Antonio Marcello

Bah Thierno

Bianca Maria Fasiolo

Billé Giosué

Chiara Daniele

Claudia Latino

Claudia Mastroroberto

Dario Fedele

Davide Puca

Dinh Thi Tung Lam

Eliza Collin

Emanuele Greco

Eugenio de Rosa

Francesca Jaurilio

Francesca Verga

Francesco Tinnirello

Frediano Camnizzoro

Gioachinno Lanza Tomasi

Giovanni Catania

Giovanni Seminara

Giuseppa Scalici

Haayar Luo

Irene Oliveri

Juan Duarte Mateos

Koiya Ihor

Li Yan

Lore Domenico

Lorella Libeccio

Magda Pignataro

Marcello Aronica

Nizar Piccolo

Noemí Giacalome

Roberto Collovà

Salvatore Sinagra

Simonetta Faraone

Sofi M. Giulia

Tatiana Tarragó

Valentina Mango

Valentina Vara

Verastella Correnti

Vero Mornino

Vincenzo Cataldo

Violeta Bataglini

Vito Priolo



Line Production Director:

Carolina Olivares, (CO producciones)


Line Production assistant:

Marta Violante


Technical Production:

Benedetta Valabrega


Executive Production:

Carlo Coppola (Manifesta 12)



Director of photography:

Dorian Degoutte



Camera operators:

Alessandro Drudi

Simone Gambelli

Federico Savonitto

Basilio Maritano


Camera Assistants:

Camila Lannetti

Virginia Nardelli

Pietro Librizzi

Danny Biancardi





Mirko Cangiamila


Sound assistants:

Andrea Mafrica

Sebastiano Caceffo



Set construction:

Massimo Catalano


Media Manager:

Marta Violante
Manfredi BBernardini



Rosario Minervini




Jordi Colomer

Dorian Degoutte


Sound editor and sound mixing:

Danilo Romancino 

(Almendra Music, Palermo)



Babelfisch translations



Commissioned by Manifesta 12 Palermo,
co-produced by IN BETWEEN ART FILM
and supported by
AC/E Acción Cultural Española, Institut Ramon Llull, (Catalonia), CO producciones and Ammodo




Maria Chiara di Trapani, Istituto Padre Giovanni Messina (Palermo), 

Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia (Sede Sicilia), Tatiana Tarragó, 

Vito Priolo, all fishermen from Caletta Sant Erasmo and  from la Cala (Palermo),
Andrés Jaque.